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Serving Raytheon Retirees

We are an independent Group of retired employees who have joined together to improve the conditions of our fellow retirees.

ARR Annual Meetings

You will receive information on our finances, membership, communication and Raytheon offerings.

ARR Bi-Annual Newsletters

Distributed bi-annually, our newsletter includes information of interest to our retirees such as insurance, travel, tips and discounts.

FAQ’s: The Raytheon Benefit Center

Every week we receive numerous emails or phone calls from ARR members or others who spot us on the web. Some ask difficult questions where we can provide some insight. In most cases, however, the requester merely needs to know how to contact the Raytheon Benefit Center.

Too many of these requests are from spouses or lawyers who are attempting to obtain data regarding ill or deceased retirees. So make sure that your family has the following information regarding the Raytheon Benefit Center:

800-358-1231 press 3
Social Security Number
Hours: M-F 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

You should all ensure that you have set up an account and have obtained a password that you can also share with family. If the password is not known the system will ask for one after asking for the Social Security Number. Ignore that request and eventually you will be connected to a real person.