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Travel Guard Recommendations

As I have recommended in the past, it is really important to purchase Travel Insurance when taking an expensive trip. We are, unfortunately, at that age. I received the following information from Travel Guard and since it is not copyrighted I wanted to share it while giving proper credit to the company I use most of the time. They can be reached at:
Travel Guard
3300 Business Park Drive Stevens Point, WI 54482
800.851.0048 or visit

Call in Advance
Before you go, call your credit card companies to let them know you will be traveling. This will help to ensure the credit card company won’t flag any of your vacation purchases as possible fraudulent activity, which would leave your credit card unusable until verifying those charges with the credit card company.
Know the Fees
If you plan on using more than just cash while you’re traveling (and most people do) check out what fees may be associated with using your card internationally. This can help you figure out if it’s best to use your card or if you should consider converting your cash to foreign currency.

Separate Your Money
At home you likely keep all of your credit cards and cash in one place, like your wallet. When traveling separate out your money sources. Try keeping one credit card and some cash on you for day trips, and leaving the rest behind locked safely in your hotel room. If you lose all of your money sources because they were all in the same place, it can be difficult to get replacements. If you do lose all of your money or just end up needing more than you brought with you, Travel Guard’s 24/7 assistance services can help with coordinating an emergency cash transfer.
Stash it Safely
To avoid possible pick-pockets or your wallet accidentally falling out of your back pocket unnoticed, keep your wallet in your front pocket. If it’s in a front pocket you’ll be more aware if it’s suddenly missing. Alternatively, you can try one of several kinds of money belts that allow you to hang your money around your neck and inside your shirt – safely tucked away.
Make Copies
Have copies of your credit cards on hand or with someone back home that you can call. If you lose your credit cards you’ll want to call the credit card company right away and let them know so they can cancel your card and issue you a new one.
Currency Exchange
Know where you plan to convert your U.S. cash to foreign currency if you’re traveling internationally. You can convert your money at your home bank before you travel, at currency exchange stations periodically as you travel, or by using ATM’s abroad. Taking into consideration fees associated with each option and the amount of time you’ll be traveling can help you decide what will work best for you.
Choose the Right Clothing
If you plan ahead and bring along clothes with multiple pockets, preferably ones you can zipper closed, you’ll have great places to store things while you travel. Because they are zippered shut it’ll be harder for pick-pockets to access and for small items to fall out and get lost.

November 1, 2015