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Raytheon Discount Web Page Information

For some time now the ARR has been asked about access to the Raytheon discount web page

The link to the discount site has now been made available to retirees. It can be addressed directly as indicated below or it can also be accessed through Desktop Benefits but it takes a few screen clicks to get to it. Additional information will be posted on our web page in a few days.  Some of the discounts are little better than you could have obtained through other sources; others are good. It is, of course, your call.  Check out the extra $1K when you buy a BMW.  A few of your Board members have just signed up and verified that the process works

To access the Employee Discount Program, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to: https://raytheonfriends.benefithub.com
  2. Click on: “Create a new account”
  3. Enter Referral Code: B2AZHM
  4. Enter your email address twice
  5. Click on “Get an Invite”
  6. Receive your invitation into the new discount marketplace in your email
  7. Utilize that to get onto the site
February 14, 2017