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I am not aging, but I know that most of you are.

I am not aging, but I know that most of you are.
A friend recently went through the process of dealing with a burial in Massachusetts.  It was VERY expensive, though he attempted to keep the costs moderate.  That caused me to do some research and I found an interesting Consumer Advocate site that purports to describe what is and is not legal to do in Massachusetts.  Presumable there are similar sites for other states.
Bottom line is that there are more options than you might have thought and you are not constrained to do what “your” funeral home tells you to do.  It seems worthwhile to do one’s research before one is in dire straits and maybe get a second opinion.
Some tears ago I wrote an article about the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Eastern Massachusetts.  I have been a member for probably 20 years and they also provide a significant amount of useful information. http://www.fcaemass.org/
December 4, 2015