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About Us


To Improve The Conditions Of Raytheon Retirees


To Speak For All Raytheon Retirees


    The Association of Raytheon Retirees was founded in 2001 to improve the experience of retirees.  It seeks to accomplish this purpose by monitoring the retirement benefits such as pension, savings, health and life insurance provided to retired individuals. These retired persons have earned these benefits by their service to Raytheon Company  as employees of the company or its affiliates.

    The Association tracks the various benefits provided to retirees as those benefits are described in Raytheon Plan documents, Annual Reports filed by the Company with the IRS and Department of Labor, Raytheon Company financial statements and other public pronouncements.

    Our goal is to be the voice of retirees and active Raytheon employees to assure that these benefits are provided as promised and to maintain and improve these benefits as much as possible. 

    The Association will monitor federal and state legislation and legislative initiatives affecting retirement benefits as required by its principal purpose. The Association may bring its concerns to the attention of Raytheon Company executives as well as to legislative and executive members of government.

    Furthermore, it may publish and distribute newsletters and announcements to the members reporting on its activities and disseminating other information of interest. Other activities may include sponsoring meetings of the members to share common experiences and to advance solidarity of the membership in achieving the goals of the organization.

    The Association will accept membership of both active and retired employees in achieving the goals of the organization.

    To achieve these purposes, the Directors have organized around a number of initiatives to concentrate on the issues and concerns of today. The initiatives include Retiree Benefits, Raytheon Company Liaison and Member Communications.